Gender Gap in Salaries



First off, the mobile version of this blog is screwing up my ability to edit, so please keep that in mind as you read.

The following blog is about the disparity between women’s and male’s pay salaries.

Recently the news media exposed Chelsea Clinton’s exorbitant salary of $600,000 that she earned working at NBC.  This announcement caused a firestorm of reactions since many didn’t think she  deserved it.  Yes, that’s an impressive salary, but if NBC wants to pay her, sobeit.  I think she is a dry, uninteresting speaker, but that didn’t stop me from watching her interviews.

Thanks to President Obama his signature on an order to “mandate that government contractors publish wage data by race and gender,” makes it possible for women to compare their salaries to men.   That’s great! No need for anonymity.  Women will be empowered to demand higher pay.  Well, some will.  There are those who hesitate to negotiate, depending on the employer, and therefore won’t fight for a more competitive salary.  Some employers still live in the 1950s and avoid hiring women of child-rearing years.  That’s pitiful!!

With the power of social media, and the pressure consumers can put on businesses, maybe change is coming for women’s salaries.


I will definitely use use this activity in my classroom.  I’ll have my students peruse well-written blogs and react on either a wiki or their own blog.   Each time I’ll assess them on certain skills.  Did they address the argument–premise?  Are there enthymemes?  What are they?  What’s a thesis statement?  Did they find examples of ethos, logos, and/or pathos?  I think I’d like to gave them track a key word for a quarter and connect it to blog they read.  Students will read 1-3 students’ blogs and respond in academic language.




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